The Perfect Blindside


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“The Perfect Blindside” by Leslea Wahl
I absolutely loved reading this book.
When Jake Taylor turns up in Silver Springs, Colorado, he’s expecting mind-numbing boredom.  How could this small town even compare to the excitement he’s been living ever since he won the silver medal at the Winter Olympics?  Snowboarding has become his very existence, and he doesn’t have time to go to school like an ordinary high schooler.
Sophie Metcalf does her best to ignore their popular new celebrity.  Ever since Jake tailgated her and made her run a stop sign, resulting in a traffic ticket, she’s been mad at him.  But it seems like Jake’s goal in life is to aggravate her.  She makes it clear on the very first day of school that she can’t stand him, but her glares only seem to encourage him to antagonize her.
Looking for a little excitement, Jake decides to try finding the mine his dad read about in the paper.  That one decision sets events in motion, both good and bad.  Coming along for the ride is the least likely person — Sophie.
I was struck by how in-tune Leslea Wahl is with high school life.  No wonder Jake was skeptical about the kids trying to be his friends!  It’s not easy finding someone who is truly authentic.  Maybe that’s why Sophie interested him.  She was quite open about her feelings for him.
I enjoyed the humorous moments, especially in Jake and Sophie’s thoughts.  It made me like them even more.
There is also great suspense, with the right touch of mystery and danger.  You can’t help but connect with the characters.  So when their lives were in danger, I wanted to protect them from harm.  All I could do was hold my breath and hope everything would turn out okay.
I wish I could get amnesia for a few days just so I can read this book again without knowing what’s going to happen!  As I’m sure you can tell, I highly recommend this entertaining novel.
I've been a Christian since 1991. I enjoy Beth Moore Bible studies and books about using your gift for God. I've been writing since high school. It is what I came to this earth to do! I also love reading books. I'm never without one! It is my wish to inspire others through my writing.
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