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“Brothers of the Blood” by David Griffith
This book grabs you from the very first scene!
Lonnie Bowers and his fellow agent and friend, Derek, are trapped in a ravine, pinned down by a drug cartel and his accomplished killers … and this is only the beginning!
After narrowly escaping death, Lonnie returns home to discover the beloved Blackwater Ranch is up for sale.  It’s unbearable thinking of some stranger owning that ranch, but can Lonnie and Clarissa afford it?  There is a way, but Lonnie is afraid his best rodeo days are behind him.  Add into the mix the disappearance of Derek in Mexico, and the stress level is at its breaking point!
This novel is fueled by incredible fight scenes and difficult decisions.  Lonnie is under a lot of pressure.  He has a family to provide for, and one bad decision could prove disastrous.  While he’s considering buying the ranch, the reader learns just how difficult it is to keep a ranch going.  It’s not an endeavor one can jump into with little thought.
David Griffith is excellent at giving us characters we care about, then placing them in danger.  The insight into the drug world is truly frightening.  These drug cartels remind me of the pirates of old — ruthless cutthroats who leave death and destruction in their wake.  It’s a miracle anyone survives an encounter with them.
I recommend this book for anyone who likes a thrilling and suspenseful novel.
I've been a Christian since 1991. I enjoy Beth Moore Bible studies and books about using your gift for God. I've been writing since high school. It is what I came to this earth to do! I also love reading books. I'm never without one! It is my wish to inspire others through my writing.
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