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Where You Lead


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“Where You Lead”  by Leslea Wahl This book was like “National Treasure,” only with teen leading characters.  I couldn’t put it down! When Eve has a vision of a young man named Nick, she’s determined to find him.  The problem is, she has no idea where he is.  Once she discovers his location, she hasKeep reading…

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“Brothers of the Blood” by David Griffith This book grabs you from the very first scene! Lonnie Bowers and his fellow agent and friend, Derek, are trapped in a ravine, pinned down by a drug cartel and his accomplished killers … and this is only the beginning! After narrowly escaping death, Lonnie returns home toKeep reading…

The Death Dealers


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“The Death Dealers” by David Griffith David Griffith is a master at keeping his readers riveted to the page.  The rest of the world seems to vanish every time I pick up one of his books. In “The Death Dealers,” Lonnie Bowers meets three relatives he never knew he had — a grandfather, a half-brother,Keep reading…

Blackwater Crossing


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“Blackwater Crossing” by David Griffith This excellent novel is overflowing with suspense and action. When Lonnie Bowers and his best friend, Brian Besser, head off for different rodeos, they have no idea their lives are about to take a bad turn.  Brian is kidnapped by a dangerous drug cartel.  The question is, does he onlyKeep reading…

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“A Man Called Blessed” by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright I put off reading this book because I didn’t see how it could possibly be as great as “Blessed Child.” Surprisingly, it’s just as good. When Rebecca Solomon and her father discover the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in Ethiopia, Rebecca and her teamKeep reading…

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“Operation Firebrand: Crusade” by Jeff Gerke Get ready for a harrowing read!  Author Jeff Gerke does not sugarcoat the horrid situation in southern Sudan. When it comes to the attention of Eloise Webster that slavery is alive in Sudan, she deploys her team of six as soon as she can.  Their mission is straightforward: rescueKeep reading…

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“Operation Firebrand: Origin” by Jeff Gerke This book is a fun and thrilling adventure into danger. When Jason Kromer becomes a Christian, it becomes difficult doing his job as a Navy SEAL.  He balks during a mission, unable to take the life of the intended target.  Then the team he is on gets into troubleKeep reading…