Huntress by Julie Hall


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Huntress by Julie Hall
In the Prologue, we learn a chained-up male has just discovered there is a girl who has an ancient weapon — the cherabim sword.  She could be the key to his freedom.
The girl, Audrey, arrives in a strange new world.  Her new acquaintance, Joe, calls it home.  Her home.  Joe also calls it the “ever after.”  Audrey realizes she has died.  Joe takes her to a magnificent city, but he doesn’t accompany her inside.  Audrey is processed.  They need to get her assignment figured out.  But there seems to be a problem, and Audrey is passed along to Shannon.  Shannon takes her to a crowded room filled with huge, well-muscled guys.  Surely Audrey doesn’t belong with these guys!  Someone has made a terrible mistake.  This thought is confirmed when Audrey is given a mentor, who will train her to be a demon hunter!
This book is one you will not be able to put down.  I felt Audrey’s strong concern about her training as a hunter.  Her struggles to keep up with Logan were proof that she wasn’t hunter material.  But mistakes weren’t made here, or so she’s told.  All she can do is hang in there and do her best … which is never good enough for her attractive mentor.  It’s up to him to whip her into shape, though, which is a huge responsibility.  He can’t give up on her.
Julie Hall is adept at making you feel what you’re supposed to feel about the characters.  If Audrey liked someone, I felt myself liking them, too.  If she didn’t like someone, I could understand why!  The author also created a vivid, enchanting world that captures your imagination and draws you in.
I highly recommend this amazing novel.  This book does not let you down.
I've been a Christian since 1991. I enjoy Beth Moore Bible studies and books about using your gift for God. I've been writing since high school. It is what I came to this earth to do! I also love reading books. I'm never without one! It is my wish to inspire others through my writing.
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