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An Unexpected Role by Leslea Wahl
This book is a must read!
Josie thought she was escaping her problems when she left for South Carolina, but her troubles were about to get a lot worse.  When her Aunt Lily brings up the string of thefts happening around the island, Josie should have hopped on the first plane for home.  But how could she know the robberies would invade her life as well?  She’s happy she came … especially when she meets a handsome young man who is working for Lily’s friend, Tom Mullens.  And Niko isn’t the only attractive boy on the island.  Ryan McNaulty came all the way from Josie’s town to play baseball for the local team.  As the story progresses, Josie starts falling for Niko while keeping Ryan at bay.  He represents the terrible kids at school who mocked and teased her.  But then she starts spending time with Ryan, trying to solve the crime spree that has hit the island.  Maybe she was wrong about him…
Leslea Wahl paints an accurate picture of high school life.  The reader feels for Josie, who is undeserving of the other kids’ cruel teasing.  It’s understandable that she wants to get far away.
When Niko responded to Josie’s attention, I was happy for her.  And I enjoyed watching Josie and Ryan bicker as they tried to figure out their rocky relationship.  Mixed in with the romance is a mystery that keeps heating up until it finally boils over and someone you would never expect gets burned.  This author knows how to speed up your heart rate and raise your fear level as she puts her lovable characters in jeopardy!
The book was far from predictable.  It had twists I never saw coming.  It has a wonderful story line that keeps you guessing.
I definitely recommend this book.  It’s very well done.
The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book through BookCrash.


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